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Vicki Jans, Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Pony Club Australia February Newsletter

Congratulations to Adeline Collins and Emily McDonald - who have been selected for the Sport Australia - Women Leadership in Sport Program 2019


The International Teams for 2019 have been selected

Congratulations to Manon Schey, Caitlin Seini and Tim Ling as IMG Coach. 

And of course Ian Chalmers as Coach of the IPac Team!!!

Inter-Pacific Exchange, Hong Kong, 30th June —13th July
Team—Jess Cowan (Tas); Kaitlin Goss (WA); Georgia Laird (Qld); Manon Schey (Vic)
Coach—Ian Chalmers (Vic) Team Manager—Annyka Overton (NSW)
International Mounted Games, USA, 25th July — 9th August
Team– Tiarni Kenderdine (Qld); Asha Lamprey (Tas); Skye McMullen (WA); Aaron Newham (NSW); Caitlin Sieni (Vic)
Coach - Tim Ling (Vic) Team Manager - Karen Pearce (Tas)

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